AI-Powered Threat Management

Empowering Your Defense with AI

Empowering Your Defense with AI

Our AI-Powered Threat Protection harnesses artificial intelligence, machine learning, CTI, and deception to provide a precise threat and accuracy scoring system, fortifying against account takeover attacks with advanced detection capabilities.

Comprehensive Event Detection and Scoring System

Integrates with MFA and SSO, analyzing logs and user behavior for event scoring.

Utilizes UEBA and machine learning for anomaly detection, and CTI integrations for a detailed security analysis.

Behavior Profiling with Machine Learning

Analyzes various factors including IP, geolocation, and device type to build behavior profiles.

Identifies unusual activities, reduces false positives, and enhances proactive threat detection.

Enhanced Threat Intelligence via CTI Integration

Integrates with global CTI feeds to include data on malicious IPs and compromised data from the dark web.

Adjusts risk scores based on this intelligence, leading to a more informed security response.

Advanced Detection with Deception Techniques

Detects compromised credentials using rules that mimic unauthorized access attempts.

Flexible rules provide insights into breaches and enhance detection of advanced threats.

AI in Threat Landscape

The Evolution of Threats: Explore how the threat landscape has evolved and why AI-driven threat management is crucial.

AI vs. Cyber Threats: Discuss how AI is shaping the defense against modern cyber threats.

Early Threat Detection with AI

The Power of Proactive Defense: Explore how AI enables organizations to detect threats before they escalate.

Real-time Threat Monitoring: Learn how AI-driven systems provide real-time threat monitoring and early warning capabilities.


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AI-Driven Threat Protection

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AI-Powered Threat Protection

Empowering Your Defense with AI

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