Integrity and Trust: Safeguarding Identities, Strengthening Governance

Mirket Security offers intelligent solutions to modernize government identity and access management systems, paving the way for Zero Trust architecture and secure interoperability. With secure citizen identities, remote access for employees, and compliance with OMB M-22-09, government services are delivered efficiently and securely.

Governance with Integrity:
Identity Security for a Peaceful Society

National Security

Government agencies handle sensitive information related to national security, defense, and law enforcement. Protecting the identities and access of individuals within these agencies is crucial to prevent espionage, unauthorized access, and other security breaches.

Data Privacy

Governments collect and store a vast amount of personal data from citizens, including Social Security numbers, tax information, and healthcare records. Identity protection is essential to maintain the privacy of this data and protect individuals from identity theft and fraud.

Regulatory Compliance

Governments are subject to numerous data protection regulations, and non-compliance can lead to legal repercussions. Robust identity protection measures help government agencies adhere to these regulations and ensure the security of citizens’ data.

Public Trust

Maintaining public trust is a critical aspect of governance. Citizens need to trust that their government can protect their personal information. Any breach of this trust can result in public outrage and decreased confidence in government institutions.

Criminal Investigations

Government law enforcement agencies require strict identity protection measures to maintain the integrity of criminal investigations and protect the identities of informants and undercover agents.

Access Control

Controlling access to government systems and facilities is vital to prevent unauthorized entry or cyberattacks. Identity protection is necessary to verify the identity of those with access.

Emergency Response

In times of emergencies, such as natural disasters or public health crises, governments may need to quickly coordinate resources and personnel. Identity protection ensures that the right people are engaged in the response efforts.

Efficiency and Accountability

Efficient identity and access management within government organizations can streamline operations and ensure that personnel can access the necessary systems and resources. It also aids in accountability by tracking who has access to sensitive data and systems.

Protection Against Cyberattacks

Government systems are prime targets for cyberattacks. Strong identity protection measures help safeguard against data breaches and other cyber threats that can have far-reaching consequences.


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