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Enterprises require robust, adaptable, and efficient security solutions in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Our MSSP offering, seamlessly integrated into the Mirket SAAS ecosystem, equips resellers with a comprehensive toolkit to effortlessly oversee their clients’ security requirements.

Unified Control Center

Effectively manage all your clients from a singular, user-friendly interface. This centralized approach ensures streamlined operations and a coherent security strategy across all client accounts.

Scalable Security

As your client base expands, our MSSP solution grows with you. Say goodbye to concerns about limitations—our platform is designed to accommodate the evolving needs of your business and clients.

Cutting-Edge Threat Intelligence

Arm your clients with the latest insights into threat intelligence. Stay one step ahead of potential security risks and guarantee top-tier protection at all times.

Tailored Client Profiles

Recognizing the uniqueness of each client, our MSSP solution offers personalized profiles to address the specific security requirements of every individual client.

Enhanced Collaboration

Foster close collaboration with your clients through shared insights, reports, and real-time notifications. Cultivate trust and encourage a cooperative security environment.

Operational Efficiency

Bid farewell to the need to juggle multiple platforms or tools. With Mirket's MSSP solution, you can streamline your operations and enhance service delivery.

Enhanced Profitability

By delivering premium managed security services, attract a larger clientele and bolster your revenue streams.

Dedicated Technical Support

Our committed support team is perpetually ready to assist, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery to your clients.

Training and Resources

We empower our MSSP partners with the training and resources necessary for excellence. Stay informed, updated, and ahead of the curve.

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Multi Factor Authentication

Ensure that all users are verified through MFA

AI-Driven Threat Protection

Stay ahead with proactive detection and response.

Self Service Portal

User Empowerment, Simplified Security

Password-less Authentication

Dive into the future of secure, hassle-free login experiences.

Single Sign-On

Centralized identity management for streamlined access.

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Discover our comprehensive suite of products.


Adaptive Authentication

Empowering Your Digital Trust

AI-Powered Threat Protection

Empowering Your Defense with AI

Secure Self Service Portal

Unlocking Convenience, Securing Confidence

Identity and Access Management

Empower Secure Access, Simplify Control


On Premise

Strengthen On-Site Protection

SaaS Platform

Mirket SAAS: Powerful, Flexible, Secure.

MSSP Platform

Security Partnerships: Unified, Scalable, Proactive


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