Identity and Access Management

Empower Secure Access, Simplify Control

Secure App Access

Enhanced Security: Our IAM solutions provide advanced security measures to ensure secure access to applications, protecting your organization from threats.

Granular Access Control: Explore how IAM allows you to implement granular access controls, defining who can access specific applications and data.

Password Elimination

Passwordless Authentication: Discover how IAM eliminates the need for passwords, enhancing user experience and reducing the risk of password-related security breaches.

Biometric Authentication: Learn about the convenience and security of IAM-supported biometric authentication methods.

Single Sign-On

Streamlined Access: Find out how IAM’s single sign-on simplifies user access to multiple applications, saving time and reducing password-related issues.

Enhanced User Experience: See how SSO improves the user experience by reducing the need to remember multiple login credentials.

Enhance Workforce Productivity

Seamless Access: IAM ensures that your workforce has seamless access to the resources they need, enhancing their productivity.

Mobile and Remote Workforce Support: Learn how IAM supports mobile and remote work, enabling your workforce to remain productive from anywhere.

Reduce Operational Costs

Efficient Administration: IAM streamlines user administration, reducing operational costs by automating repetitive tasks.

Minimized Password-Related Issues: Discover how IAM minimizes the operational costs associated with handling password resets and issues.

Effortless Deployment and Integration

Smooth Implementation: Learn about the smooth deployment process of our IAM solutions, minimizing disruption and ensuring rapid adoption.

Flexible Integration: Explore how IAM solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems, ensuring compatibility with your organization’s technology stack.


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Multi Factor Authentication

Ensure that all users are verified through MFA

AI-Driven Threat Protection

Stay ahead with proactive detection and response.

Self Service Portal

User Empowerment, Simplified Security

Password-less Authentication

Dive into the future of secure, hassle-free login experiences.

Single Sign-On

Centralized identity management for streamlined access.

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Discover our comprehensive suite of products.


Adaptive Authentication

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AI-Powered Threat Protection

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Secure Self Service Portal

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Identity and Access Management

Empower Secure Access, Simplify Control


On Premise

Strengthen On-Site Protection

SaaS Platform

Mirket SAAS: Powerful, Flexible, Secure.

MSSP Platform

Security Partnerships: Unified, Scalable, Proactive


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