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The Deal Register is a strategic tool for our partners, designed to provide a streamlined process for logging and tracking potential sales opportunities. By registering a deal, partners can secure exclusive rights to pursue specific business opportunities, while also gaining access to special support and resources from Mirket.

Benefits for Resellers

Discover our comphrehensive
suite of products.

Priority Support

Registered deals receive preferential support, ensuring you have all the tools and assistance needed to close the sale.

Insightful Analytics

Track the progress of your deals, understand client behaviors, and refine your sales strategies with comprehensive data


Protect your business opportunities from potential competition, ensuring your efforts are recognized and rewarded.

Special Incentives

Gain access to exclusive promotions, discounts, and incentives tailored to support and enhance your sales efforts.

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Ensuring clarity, coordination, and
commitment in every business opportunity.




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Discover our comprehensive suite of products.

Multi Factor Authentication

Ensure that all users are verified through MFA

AI-Driven Threat Protection

Stay ahead with proactive detection and response.

Self Service Portal

User Empowerment, Simplified Security

Password-less Authentication

Dive into the future of secure, hassle-free login experiences.

Single Sign-On

Centralized identity management for streamlined access.

Why Mirket

Discover our comprehensive suite of products.


Adaptive Authentication

Empowering Your Digital Trust

AI-Powered Threat Protection

Empowering Your Defense with AI

Secure Self Service Portal

Unlocking Convenience, Securing Confidence

Identity and Access Management

Empower Secure Access, Simplify Control


On Premise

Strengthen On-Site Protection

SaaS Platform

Mirket SAAS: Powerful, Flexible, Secure.

MSSP Platform

Security Partnerships: Unified, Scalable, Proactive


Join the Mirket family and redefine cybersecurity for businesses across the globe

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